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Aldi sparks shopper frenzy with $4 pastizzi

The supermarket has launched a new frozen item from its cult Urban Eats brand, with shoppers warned to get in quick if they want it. After establishing a new freezer item, Aldi has sparked yet another food frenzy among shoppers. One shopper shared in the Aldi Fans Australia Facebook group how they had tried the German supermarket’s new pastizzi, giving it the thumbs up. The Urban Eats Greek Style Pastizzis cost $4.49 for a ten-pack and come in two flavors: spinach and cheese or tomato, oregano, and cheese. “Um … these are amazing!!!” she wrote, adding that they were available for a limited time, but she “really hopes they keep them on”. “They are great,” one person wrote.

“Got to get me some; looks so nice,” another commented. Others said they liked them but lamented there wasn’t enough tomato oregano and cheese filling. “There’s nowhere near as much filling as there is on the packet — but these are good, and no complaints at this price point,” one customer said. An Aldi Australia spokesman told the limited edition freezer item has had a “great response” so far. “We are delighted when our customers love a product as much as we do. Our Urban Eats Greek Style Pastizzi is a limited edition product that made us say ‘Opa!’” they said.


“We often release limited edition items as a way for us to share new creations with our customers, and we are thrilled when they get such a great response.” The pastizzi are from Aldi’s hugely popular Urban Eats range, which earlier this year included $3.69 Bao Buns that had shoppers “raving” about the cheap frozen meal. The bao buns aren’t the only Aldi specialty food with a cult following. Last year, a $7 spanakopita was labeled the supermarket’s “best-kept secret” by devotees of the savory snack.

Sydney foodie @mernasfoodfomo shared why she loves the Aldi buy in a viral TikTok video, explaining that she will “usually hoard boxes” of the product. “I’m going to share a little secret with you,” Merna explains in the video. “It’s this spanakopita from Aldi, made in Greece. “Honestly, this is Aldi’s best-kept secret. I usually hoard boxes of this,” she said before sharing the “most satisfying shots” of the cooked product. It seems plenty of people agreed with Merna, with the video racking up more than 35,000 views from fans of the product, who jokingly chastised the TikTok user for giving away their “secret”.


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