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On October 27, we’re taking on the ferociously competitive field of software as a service (SaaS). We’re thrilled to announce our packed agenda, overflowing with some of the industry’s biggest names and most exciting startups. And you’re in luck because $75 early-bird tickets are still on sale — make sure you book yours to enjoy all the agenda has to offer and save $100 bucks before prices go up! Throughout the day, you can expect to hear from industry experts and participate in discussions about the potential of new advances in data, open-source, how to deal with the onslaught of security threats, investing in early-stage startups, and plenty more.

We’ll be joined by some of the biggest names and the most imaginative and prescient people in the industry, including Javier Soltero at Google, Kathy Baxter at Salesforce, Jared Spataro at Microsoft, Jay Kreps at Confluent, Sarah Guo at Greylock, and Daniel Dines at UiPath. You’ll be able to find and engage with people worldwide through world-class networking on our virtual platform — all for $75 and under for a limited time, with even deeper discounts for nonprofits and government agencies, students, and up-and-coming founders! Our agenda showcases some of the space’s powerhouses and plenty of smaller teams building and debunking fundamental technologies in the industry. We still have a few tricks up our sleeves and will add new names to the agenda over the next month, so keep your eyes open. In the meantime, check out these agenda highlights:


Survival of the Fittest: Investing in Today’s SaaS Market
with Casey Aylward (Costanoa Ventures), Kobie Fuller (Upfront), and Sarah Guo (Greylock)

  • The venture capital world is faster and more competitive than ever. For investors hoping to get into the hottest SaaS deal, things are even crazier. With more non-traditional money pouring into the sector, remote dealmaking now the norm, and an increasingly global market for software startups, venture capitalists are forced to shake up their operations and expectations. TechCrunch sits down with three leading investors to discuss how they are fighting for allocation in hot deals, what they’ve changed in their processes, and what today’s best founders are demanding.

Data, Data Everywhere
with Ali Ghodsi (Databricks)

  • As companies struggle to manage and share increasingly large amounts of data, it’s no wonder that Databricks, whose primary product is a data lake, was valued at a whopping $28 billion for its most recent funding round. We will talk to CEO Ali Ghodsi about why his startup is so hot and what comes next.

SaaS Security, Today and Tomorrow
with Edna Conway (Microsoft), Olivia Rose (Amplitude)

  • Enterprises face constant threats, from nation-states to cyber criminals and corporate insiders. After a year where billions worked from home, and the cloud reigned supreme, startups and corporations can’t afford to stay off the security pulse. Find out what SaaS startups need to know about security now and in the future.

Automation’s Moment Is Now
with Daniel Dines (UiPath), Laela Sturdy (CapitalG), and Dave Wright (ServiceNow)

  • We learned during the pandemic the importance of automation, which is only likely to be more pronounced as we move forward. We’ll talk to UiPath CEO Daniel Dines, Laela Sturdy, an investor at CapitalG, and Dave Wright from ServiceNow about why this is automation’s moment.

Was the Pandemic Cloud Productivity’s Spark
with Javier Soltero (Google)

  • One significant aspect of SaaS is productivity apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. We’ll talk with executive Javier Soltero about the role Google Workspace plays in the Google Cloud strategy.

The Future is Wide Open
with Abby Kearns (Puppet), Aghi Marietti (Kong), and Jason Warner (Redpoint)

  • Many startups today have an open-source component, and it’s no wonder. It builds an audience and helps drive sales. We’ll talk with Abby Kearns from Puppet, Augusto “Aghi” Marietti from Kong, and Jason Warner, an investor at Redpoint, about why open source is a popular way to build a business.

How Microsoft Shifted from Prem to the Cloud
with Jared Spataro (Microsoft)

  • Jared Spataro has been with Microsoft for over 15 years and was a part of the shift from strictly on-prem software to one dominated by the cloud. Today, he runs one of the most successful SaaS products out there, and we’ll talk to him about how Microsoft made that shift and what it’s meant to the company.

How Startups are Turning Data into Software Gold
with Jenn Knight (Agentsync), Barr Moses (Monte Carlo), and Dan Wright (DataRobot)

  • The era of big data is behind us. Today’s leading SaaS startups work with data instead of merely fighting to help customers collect information. We’ve compiled three leaders from three data-focused startups forging new markets to get their insight on how today’s SaaS companies leverage data to build new companies, attack new problems, and scale like mad.

What Happens After Your Startup is Acquired
with Jyoti Bansal (Harness), Nick Mehta (insight)

  • We’ll speak to three founders about the emotional upheaval of acquiring and what happens after the check clears and the sale closes. Our panel includes Jyoti Bansal, who founded AppDynamics, Jewel Burkes Solomon, Part pic, and Nick Mehta from Insight.

How Confluent Rode the Open Source Wave to IPO
with Jay Kreps (Confluent)

  • Confluent, the streaming platform built on top of Apache Kafka, was born out of a project at LinkedIn and rode that from startup to IPO. We’ll speak to co-founder and CEO Jay Kreps to learn about that journey. We’ll have more sessions and names shortly, so stay tuned. But get excited in the meantime; we certainly are.

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