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Spotify partners with GIPHY to connect users with artists’ music via GIFs – TechCrunch

Spotify announced a new partnership with the online GIF database GIPHY to enable new music discovery through GIFs this morning. No, the GIFs themselves won’t play song clips if that’s what you think. Instead, through a series of new Spotify-linked GIFs, there will be an option to click a button to be taken to Spotify directly to hear the artist’s music. At launch, artists including Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI, Conan Gray, and others will have Spotify-linked GIFs on their official GIPHY profile page. More artists will be added over time.


The idea behind the new integration is to help connect users with Spotify music from everyday communications, like texts, group chats, and other places where GIFs are used. This is similar to Spotify’s existing integrations with social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram, where users can share music through the Stories and messages they post. Essentially, it’s a user acquisition strategy that leverages online social activities — in this case, sharing GIFs — while also benefiting the artists through the exposure they receive.

You can find the new Spotify-linked GIFs on the artist’s page on or through GIPHY’s mobile app. The supported GIFs will include a new “Listen on Spotify” button at the bottom, which will appear alongside the GIF when shared. When clicked, users are redirected from the GIF to the artist’s page on Spotify, where they can stream their music or browse to discover more songs they want to hear. We understand GIPHY collaborated with the artists to bring their music to its platform rather than the artists’ labels.

Spotify says the feature is part of a broader partnership with GIPHY, which will later focus on bringing users a more interactive listening experience. The move to partner with GIPHY follows a recent expansion of the existing partnership between Spotify and GIPHY’s parent company, Facebook. The social networking giant bought the popular GIF platform in a deal worth a reported $400 million in 2020, a couple of years after Google snatched up GIPHY rival Tenor. Since then, Facebook has worked to better integrate GIPHY with its apps, like Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier this year, Facebook and Spotify had also teamed up on a new “Boombox” project that allows Facebook users to listen to music hosted on Spotify while browsing the Facebook app. This is powered by a “mini player” that allows anyone who comes across the shared music to click to play the content while they scroll their feed. Despite Spotify and Facebook’s ties, GIPHY notes it explored its partnership with Spotify as a standalone opportunity, separate from Facebook. As their relationship continues, the company said it plans to pursue further partnership opportunities with Spotify to make the user experience even more interactive. Spotify says the new feature will be available to users globally from verified GIPHY artists’ pages.


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