Woman finds ‘husband’ on Kmart receipt in Launceston store

After paying for her Kmart haul, one woman was startled to see a specific detail on her receipt – prompting a hilarious reaction on Facebook. It is a truth universally acknowledged among bargain hunters that you go to Kmart when you need something – anything. You can even get a husband there – that’s the joke one woman made after making a startling discovery on one of her Kmart receipts. Posting in the Kmart Home Decor and Hacks Australia Facebook group, one customer shared a photo of her receipt from the Launceston store. She circled one of the items she purchased – which read “husband”.

“Kmart does have everything you need,” the woman captioned the photo and a laughing emoji. Her photo had more than 1200 comments, with other women joking it showed “Kmart does have it all”. “I’ll take you to Kmart, then get you one of these,” one person wrote, tagging their friend. Another said it was the “best thing I’ve read all day”, while others inquired (very seriously) about Kmart’s refund policy regarding husbands. “Keep your receipt for refund purposes,” one woman warned, while another asked if they came with a “30-day money-back guarantee”. “Mine was broken when I took him out of the packaging, but you get what you pay for. Took him back for a refund, best decision I’ve ever made,” another quipped.

Launceston store

Others were more (again, very seriously) interested in the type of husbands available at Kmart. “Did they have any rich sugar daddies left in stock?” one asked. “Hope he wasn’t on the clearance table!” another said. However, one woman said her husband couldn’t be bought at Kmart. “Wouldn’t be able to buy my husband there. He’s priceless. (And no, not a newlywed – 15 years, and we know we are lucky to have each other),” she said. Sadly the code wasn’t for a real-life husband and seemed to instead relate to a birthday card for husbands sold at Kmart. has contacted Kmart to clarify what husbands are available for sale and will update this critical story as soon as we have answers.

While you can’t buy husbands, one woman did take to Bunnings last year to search for a partner. In a now-viral series of TikTok videos, NSW local Leech Cunningham searched high and low in the hardware store for some husband material. “So, I’ve given up on Tinder and online dating, and I’ve gone for a more traditional approach … I’ve come to Bunnings to find a husband,” she says in the clip. After making her way down each aisle and asking a staff member if there were any husbands in stock, Ms. Cunningham gives up, adding she “must have picked a bad day”.


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